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  • Simulation of electromagnetic fields: static, low-frequency, rf, mw, terahertz, optics
  • Space-charge and beam-excited fields/wakes in particle acceleratorsEingang_Pic2
  • Antennas and free-space wave propagation
  • Cavities and bounded fields
  • Coaxial, strip and multi-wire lines, waveguides, connectors
  • Ohmic, dielectric, magnetic losses, thermal loads, thermal power propagation



  • Semianalytic procedures
  • Finite Differences Time Domain (FDTD), Finite Volume (FIT) and Finite Elemente Methods (FEM)surfaceCurrent
  • Spectral Domain Approaches: Helmholtz- and eigensolutions
  • Poisson solvers and particle tracking


Our Services

  • On-site problem definitionEqn
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Application/extension of open-source or commercial solvers
  • Problem-adapted stand-alone solutions
  • Data analysis of experimental and simulated dataParticleTrace
  • Component design and optimization
  • Consulting on software related topics